Sunday, November 8, 2009

genetic code

Genetic code

A genetic code passes through generations

Linking the old and young

Not physical, but spiritual.

The lineage of goodness or badness

Passes from parent to child and grandchild

Continues through centuries

No ribosome, messenger RNA, DNA or genes

An unseen link that no science and scientists

Can explain, the trick and secret of creator!

When we do and think of good

The soul becomes energetic and powerful

The positive energy created is saved and stored

Beyond the conscious and unconscious mind

When we die the energy flows to the kid and kin

Then to the friends he loved or to the whole world

If it is a great treasure of virtues stored

as in great men and saints.

Do good things and think of good

For betterment of fellow beings and society

With out dumping evil and negatives

For the health of souls and lineages

Nirmala James