Saturday, September 26, 2009


secret love

He comes at night

On my dreams

Very confidential,

Smiles at me, talks to me

with salacious eyes and

Secret heart, full of love

the famous film star.

Never a talk or touch,

only in dreams.

He tries to chat,

Share his love.

Some cute girls

Pull his hands

Takes him away;

Not a word or touch

Only in dreams and hopes

I live.

Nirmala james

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The dreamygirl

Teena always dreamed to go beyond the golden hills.while she was looking at the hills ,shesaw a golden bird.Hesaw her and flew towards her through the goldenclouds. When his magical wings touched her,she turned to a goldenbird.They flew together over the golden hills and valleys singingthe song of love.....
When the western sky became reddish and the evening cool breeze touched ,she relieved from spell and fall downto earth.She found herself lying on her bed Her colourful glass bangles fully shattered and scattered onthe floor. She wriggled and yelled......nirmalajames

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holy Box

There was a box ina village.It was an old wooden box.All worshipped the box.It was put there by their great great grandparents.People thought there was some precious things in the box..They were illiterate and fearful..One day a stranger came from a distant land..he was so curious to know what is inside the box..Natives didn't allow him to open the box.There was a temple cermony in the village .while the villagers were in the cermony,the strangeropened the box.Dust andpungent smell came out of the box.He saw torn papers,cloths ,bookworms and dust inside the box.Thinking about the foolishness of people the stranger went away.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the baby

Night grew calm and lonely.Her husband was away on a buisiness tour. During the day she cooked meals, cleaned the vessels and washed the cloths.. she survived on minimum food. Before embracing sleep she prayed God to give her a peaceful sleep and to guard her during the unfathomable depths of sleep..Her eyelids were flipping like petals of lotus. Slumber gathered her. She heard the sweet sound of angels songs and bells.They surrounded her and sang lullabies and then suddenly the perpetual enemy, the devil rose from her flesh .He had strong teeth, nails and muscles but he was affectionate and charming. He had a fruit with him.she loved the fragrance of it .When she was enjoing the fruit with the devil she heard the voice of God within her heart..she pushed the devil to one side .only then her husband entered the room.she was lying there with the half eaten fruit... she forced her hus to share the fruit..he shared the fruit.which was from the forbidden tree. Then they heard the voice of God from their hearts go away from paradise...deliver a baby with pain....Then things happened fast, faster than light. She gave birth to a lovely baby. but in nature it had the character of her early lover devil and her husband Adam,with whom she shared the fruits................